St. Patrick’s Cathedral

 #Armagh with a dusting of snow this evening
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Clady Sean Sabhat GFC will be holding a Dinner Dance on Saturday 11 November at the Carrickdale Hotel to celebrate the club’s 60 year anniversary. The celebration will also mark 40 years since Clady GFC

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Children's Heartbeat Trust Fundraiser The blue team was made up of past pupils of Ballymoyer School and the red team was a select team from the other football teams in the area. At half

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'Clady' is a sticker we attach to two townlands, Cladymore and Cladybeg.  When translated from the Irish language, you can find the meaning of both townland names - Cláidigh Mhór 'great Clady' / Cláidigh Bheag 'little

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