Clady’s ‘great’ history

‘Clady’ is a sticker we attach to two townlands, Cladymore and Cladybeg.  When translated from the Irish language, you can find the meaning of both townland names – Cláidigh Mhór ‘great Clady’ / Cláidigh Bheag ‘little Clady”.

Great Clady. After dwelling on the meaning of our townland name, I’ve been inspired to do a little more research into why it was presented with this title, and to learn more about the history of the place I was raised.

As you drive home today, or fulfil your duties at your family farm, take a good look around you and spare a thought, who wandered in those fields before you. I find it quite alarming how little I know about the actual history of ‘Clady’, and the lack of research material available online.

There could be so many great tales that have faded over the years, and as time passes by those tales and stories are only going to get harder to find. I am going to begin a long term project on the history of ‘great Clady’, and I will share historic blogs on this site if I am successful in my research.

I would be grateful for any helpful information, material or useful contacts. If you think you could possibly help me on this project, please contact me:

Manus Loughran

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